Company - Transport and environmental services

The company TRANSAR SRL was founded in May 2014 with the aim of creating an innovative and dynamic reference point for the transport of general goods in Basilicata.
The structure has its registered office in Sant'Arcangelo (PZ) and is registered with the C.C.I.A.A. of Potenza and is made up of highly qualified collaborators, including administrative and operational staff and has a fleet of vehicles capable of ensuring punctuality; of orders.
The company is committed to consolidating its efforts on an increasingly demanding market, without losing sight of the desire to network and grow in a shared way.

The company has as its object national and international transport:
  • road haulage to third parties;
  • transport in ADR and for all types of goods throughout Europe;
  • industrial transport and logistics;
  • transport of solid and liquid waste.
The entire operational chain is developed in compliance with current regulations, in particular with regard to the transport of dangerous goods (ADR). Transports are carried out directly and with its own specially trained staff; specific training (regulatory updates such as Road Code / EC Regulations relating to the profession etc ...) takes place both within the company or, where necessary and / or envisaged, through an external service officially authorized for the specific activity.
TRANSAR SRL is a qualified supplier.

It received the Industria Felix Award as the best company by Roe percentage index in the province of Potenza and was included among the 100 Italian excellences in the 'special mentions' section.